Gode ideas for grandfathers

Sometimes grandfathers need good ideas to keep order in the ranks…


…because more often than not there is three kids and one piece to play with.

This grandpa had the solution – hourglass. He clocks the time using an hourglass. Very visible and easy to monitor. They don`t need watches and they can`t argue…


Our big boy Kristian is eight today – Happy Birthday Kristian!



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1 Response to Gode ideas for grandfathers

  1. Michele says:

    Please greet Kristian and give him Happy Birthday wishes from South Dakota! Today is called Groundhog’s Day in the US. If the groundhog sees its shadow, 6 more weeks of Winter is expected!! Of course, there are groundhogs in various parts of the country….not native usually…kept for this kind of fun. Oh, if the groundhog does NOT see its shadow, Spring arrives early. One can hope….. Tho we have no complaints in the Black Hills. 🙂

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