The first assignment at Apartment Therapy “Weekend Project” – to plan our home’s maintenance. Not my favorite thing to do. Not that I don`t love making those plans but I soon forget where I filed them and I forget I ever made them. Because I have made them before…


…more than once. As I was looking in the attic to see if I could find some clue of earlier planning I found an old class from Simplify 101 – about forming habits. I may still be a messy girl but I have also made a lot of progress.

One fun thing I learned in this class was to make boring chores fun…


24 notes and one free pass. It could be 5 from each group or whatever. (But only one from the group of quarterly and annually).  I picked the chore I wanted to do that day and if I kept going and hit “Bingo” I could reward myself with a little something. This worked for me for a long time and I did add many good habits.

One problem though – I have an obsessive personality and this got to me:) In the end there were no dust to dust:) and there is something called enough is enough.

Anyway I did sit down with a blank sheet this morning…


Making lists come easy to me so this was just the fun part…


The real challenge is to move the list into a system that works for me. Actually it was kind of reward to see that the list of chores that gets done routinely was much longer than the list of chores I rather forget about.

It is Saturday and it is my day off. Nothing much else to do than making lists and a little scrapbooking. I cleaned the house after work yesterday. Even laundry was ready to be put away last night.

A storm is on the way although as far as I can say it has been stormy weather all night. I am not complaining because this storm is hitting much harder further North. I can`t say I would have liked to be in Lofoten.

Outside my window – just normal windy weather so far…


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1 Response to #ATWeekendproject

  1. Mickey says:

    The photo with the white roses is so pretty, with the text superimposed on it. I’m not sure I understand the notes/free pass system. Do you just pick one from each group and get a free pass? Or do you do one group at a time, like just doing the kitchen?

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