Hello Sunday morning

I was up bright and early making my layout for the day. Did not wait for today`s prompt because I knew what I wanted to do. This Friday my nephew shared a pic of his son in kindergarten. Baby Anton had spent the day in “training for the carnival”. What? Training for the carnival? Is that a thing? It took some time but I finally figured out that might be a good idea. Suddenly I could vision 30 scared kids running wild šŸ™‚


He is the spitting image of his mother`s youngest brother but he has his father`s easy going personality. I knew I had this pic of his dad in the same situation…



Ā Still dark, wet and windy outside but “Ole” has left…


…but if we are to believe the weather forecast thereĀ will beĀ more stormy weather in the week ahead of us…


I am not the only one waiting for the spring to arrive…



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