Hello rainy Monday


More weather this week but I am okay with rain. Rain does not remind me about the fact that it`s still winter.

Long and cold day at work. Our heating system is still out of work and spending 8 hours in 14C is not okay.

I made today`s layout for the LOAD Challenge…


…and this one is a reminder about how far behind I am. I know – there is no such thing as being behind in scrapbooking. In July 2013 our boy had his last day in Kindergarten and he gets a diploma for asking questions 🙂 I bet they loved his questions. Thankfully he love being at School.

I spent a lot of time thinking about how to set up a maintenance plan for my home this weekend. I must have been moving around in the fog all weekend because I totally forgot that I do have a binder with plans for 2015. All I had to do was adding a list of things do to – a list of things to do that I don`t want to do 🙂 I did not use a calendar because a lot of those tasks depends on me working or not, weather and stuff like that…


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