Weekend Adventure 2013 – Visiting Ona

With best wishes to Karen – celebrating your eightieth birthday in February!


One weekend in July 2013 four generations visited Ona, the tiny island on the North West Coast of Norway where great grandma Karen was born and raised…


Grandma Kjellaug also spent her first months in this house…


I am sure the house was in perfect condition back then. This photo was taken when I had my weekend adventure at Ona in 1980 and the house had not been lived in for years. This was also daddy Jan`s first visit to Ona. Also the first time he got to taste the good stuff…


In July 2013 great grandma Karen could walk up to the same house with the fourth generation and tell the stories from her childhood…


…at least she could have told the stories from her childhood. We have a saying in the family : If you are born or have genes from Ona you don`t talk. It can be said as a joke or not.


It is a long trip with the ferry but I Guess great grandpa Ansgar have stories to tell because he is born up North in Norway – and they do talk:)


Ona have this amazing shore line but the water is icy cold…


…and the seagull wishes he was on the inside have coffee and “svele”.


The scrapbook pages was for my layout a day challenge upload today. But this is also a part the bigger Picture – Our Family story.








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1 Response to Weekend Adventure 2013 – Visiting Ona

  1. Jodie B. says:

    Beautiful photos; I love your pages. 🙂

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