Family Pictures in the digital world


Earlier this week Morten Krogvold said: The only thing that survives us, which is left when all others around us are dead, a photograph. The digital evolution makes many images will disappear, or pictures will be of such poor quality that they are not much to look at.

I am the memory keeper in the family. In my family they are all photographers and most of all experts with their mobile phone. We have been led to believe that the mobile pics will replace the camera and I am fighting a loosing battle trying to make them understand that it is not so. Mobile pics are great when you want to share a moment with family and friends and they look good in the digital medium but they do not replace the camera.  As I said – I have lost the war and try to adapt to the digital world, but I am sure many will regret those shitty mobile pics down the road.

My Brother is the hub in the family dynasty of photos. He is the one taking most pictures and he is the one making sure his sons and daughter in-laws leave their memory cards in his care. That is a challenging task and it takes a lot of pushing to make sure they give him access to the cards. It may sound like he intrudes…and yes he does 🙂

So – my way of doing this is a little special because of our family structure. If I had been the only photographer I would have done things much more streamlined.

There are several external drives in works.

My Brother collects all the photos and this is how May 2011 looks like when I have the file copied to my external drive…


Everything is a mess but dated mess:) Back then every photo was a JPG file but soon there are both RAW format and JPG format. These days there are mostly RAW format. I never change or delete the original files but I have decided for myself that I will work with JPG files when it comes to saving photos. Every 10 years format changes and I believe that the JPG files will live longest – because most people do save their photos as JPG…


I copy day by day in to my computer and hit delete. Love delete. I do some editing if I have to but mostly I try to save as is…


After a lot of work I have a file with only the photos I want to save…


Now they are ready for organizing and tagging. I do that in Adobe Elements…


I have tried to work with Lightroom and I loved that but Elements are cheaper and easier for everyone in the family to access. I might move on to Lightroom when I am up to date.

By now the amount of photos are reduced and I am familiar with the photos so tagging don`t take that much time…


A little editing and basic tagging. (Days and days of work in front of the computer). A year is organized, tagged and ready to be saved. First I upload everything to my photo service…


Everyone in the family has access to this account if they want photos printed.

Next I upload all the photos to Flickr…


One album a year. These albums are private but any family member can access the photos given permission from me. Tags and captions are saved in the Meta-data and follows the photo into Flickr.

After all this is done I move the file from my computer into another external drive…


This is my drive with organized and tagged photos from 2007 to 2013.

My thoughts about this was to make a file where you easily could find the photo you search for. It was important to keep the amount of photos down to avoid overwhelming the next generation:) and I wanted easy access for everyone.

My job is to save the photos and the words…


Scrapbooking is my hobby but I have no illusions about anyone wanting to save those albums:) but I do want the photos to be loved and cared for.





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2 Responses to Family Pictures in the digital world

  1. Paula says:

    Hello Elinjanne!

    Excellent post. :-))

    Thank your for walking us through.

    Did I understand correctly that your delete all RAW files, once you`ve edited them?

    The problem I am having with deleting the files is that I work with a laptop without calibration, so all the editing might be wrong in the end. Maybe a monitor would be a solution. 🙂

    • elinjanne says:

      Hi Paula:)
      I do not delete anything on the original upload. This drive is saved with all the files and bad photos:( I copy the file in to my computer and then delete. Sometimes I have to use the RAW file to get a decent photo. When I have worked my way through every photo and saved the ones I want I delete everything else. Also the RAW files. The finished result are saved to another drive. You might say we have two sets of files. I do respect that some day someone might want to edit and preserve the photo after their own taste. After all – we have behind us a decade of mistreating photos. (Years later they will be too light, wrong color….)

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