Hello Friday

I woke up to shitty weather as usual but today I am not complaining about pouring rain because my news feed tells me that on the other side of the world Australia is so much worse off…


For the next two weeks all we talk about is the world championship skiing. We have to plan our day after the sports broadcasts. Good thing Marit secured the first gold medal yesterday…


…and even me with no interest in sport shed a tear for Petter`s gold medal  yesterday…


I had a late night visitor last night…


Nothing to play with for a baby boy in this house but that was okay because my oven says “pip,pip,pip…” and that was fun.

She is ready for her weekend adventure with her grandma…


At the airport this morning. I don`t think she had a good night sleep. She is usually the last one to fall asleep but I do believe there was some butterflies involved last night. A little worried about this flying thing 🙂

Me – my plan says cleaning, cleaning, cleaning…


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