Growing seeds or not?

The weekend Project at Apartment Therapy is to growing seeds. I do envy everyone who does that but all I can think of is scenes from my childhood. When I was a child my mother always had boxes with seeds in the basement. sometimes she forgot all about them and sometimes the seeds turned in to a jungle. She loved digging in the dirt and making things grow but wasn`t all that successful really đŸ™‚

I don`t even try. Just keeping the thousands of slimy Brown snails out the path to the front door is keeping me busy all summer. You put down plants one day and the nest day they are gone.

Last summer I started removing the soil from the bedding…


…but had to give up because I stretched a muscle. Hm…

So instead of growing seeds this weekend I keep working with my digital files.

Today`s layout for the load challenge…


The theme for this LOAD is children’s books but I have to admit that I don`t think reading books are high up on the list for these boys…


…and I don`t remember much about the books. I did read a lot but the stories that had an impact are already documented so I just keep going with the pages I want to make.

Tomorrow is “new recipe-day” and the cod is out of the freezer.


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