Sunday is “new recipe day”

The cod defrosted in the fridge…


I have never ever removed the skin from anything before so this was like the ultimate challenge for me …


A sharper knife would have been perfect.

Cod and scallions ready to go…


So – 500 grams of boiled cod, sauce of butter, flour, milk and cream, eggs, salt, white pepper, grated whole cardamom and finally boiled macaroni. On top finely grated Parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs


It was almost Perfect – or it would have been if I had used more salt and spices. Adding salt to the Food is not the normal thing to do for me. The ready made food I usually eat is more than salt enough. So when I am told to add a little salt I add a little salt and I never learn that a little is not enough.

Still – I may make this again. (Even if I love the finished product I usually buy)…


Got to love that I have one dinner in the fridge and two in the freezer. That saves a lot of time later in the week.

A Sunday filled with a lot of scrapbooking and a little sport…


Two gold and two silver.




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1 Response to Sunday is “new recipe day”

  1. B Harmony says:

    Lovely. Bon Appetit!

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