Welcome March

 In the transition between winter and spring


The seventh day of the week is “New recipe day”…


400 kilogram dried salt cod – diluted and 600 kilogram potatoes.

Ready to make Baccalao…


Red and yellow peppers, onion, garlic, red chili, tomato puree and canned chopped tomatoes. Salt and pepper. To smooth out the sharp tomato taste – a little sugar and a carrot.

So far so good. Then a moment of anxiety – I couldn`t find the recipe. I did remember what but not the how 🙂 Not much I could do about that other than moving on.

All ready after 90 min covered up in the oven at 200C…


…and it turned out just Perfect.

No scrapbooking and no cleaning today. My back has been giving me trouble this week so I did not want to jinx the situation. Just leaning back and enjoying Petter Northug going for another gold medal in Falun.



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