Another storm


I do not like storms in daylight but this one is should be over in a couple of hours.

Good thing – because this is a little depressing…


So – what to do during a wet and stormy Saturday?

What about Apartment Therapy Weekend Project? I was so hoping they had a challenge for me this weekend. I was a little exited about these challenges but I have to admit I am a little disappointed. Not their fault but I think I am in the wrong time zone because I don`t get the email before Saturday and most of the time it is too late to make it a weekend project. Of course I can do them any time during the week but that is not the idea 🙂

This weekend…

Carve out a place in your home that can be a designated charging spot for your most used Technology

Good idea but I already have a set up I am happy with…


One drawer for camera charger, one for the phone and one for the iPad. After charging I always place the charging cable back in the drawer. (And I never leave the charging cable in the electric socket). In my next home I will consider a more fancy solution 🙂

My back is still bothering me so I have read up on back- pains. Conclusion – most back pains is gone within two to six weeks. The important thing is to keep moving. The moving thing is supposed to tell the back that everything is okay and there is no need to og into protection mood. Okay – that is believable. So I am alternating vacuuming, cleaning, sport on TV and scrapbooking…



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