This Sunday – the International Womensday


In honor of this day I did not make dinner 🙂 I did not walk the streets waving the banners. But I have to admit that I’m not proud to live in a country where our conservative minister with responsibility for equality publicly says that women’s day is unnecessary.

Still stormy weather around here and someone has been out chasing the waves…


Other spend their Sunday on the train…


The pilots in Norwegian are still at strike and I bet her grandmother is cursing them all. Hours at train, bus and ferry is not a good thing when you travel with a 10-year-old girl 🙂

I have spent Sunday working on the digital files from 2013 – yes still. Things take time – specially when you have to alternate between sitting down and moving around. Sitting in front of the computer is not good for my back.

Besides – we were blessed With a New baby in the Family in October 2013. Lots of photos. Lots of shitty photos. And shitty photos means more work…


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