Yesterday evening I got a reminder from Ali Edwards to take a photo at 7 am and 7 pm today. I did – without knowing why. I would have known if I had logged in to her Story Kit Classroom 🙂 But I try to wait until I have the kit and sometime I forget to log in at all. The kit came in the mail one week ago and this evening I logged in to the classroom. One thing for sure – you do get your money worth of content. There are so much I have to watch the videos over and over again and I still miss some Points.

Now I know why I was asked to take the photos and now I know they were supposed to work with a story. I can do that. Because my morning routine is just that – routine. Although they do change with the season.

Also today Wilna Furstenburg posted a new lesson in her Color Theory Class and as I was working with my shitty paint I listened to Ali and those two classes floated together…


I am all about routine in the morning. If I stumble and do one thing in a different order I am totally messed up. I do not open my eyes before the coffee is in the cup. Good thing I live alone 🙂

So inspired by both these girls and I still have a few stories and today`s pics to work with.

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