Hello Friday 13

I had a plan for the day. Since the weather forecast promised sunshine I decided it was time to clean the Windows on the outside…


It may look okay but I promise – you can hardly see through my Windows after all the stormy weather we have had lately. But then I saw the date – Friday 13, maybe not a good day to climb out on the roof to clean Windows?

Walking past the kitchen with the camera I was surprised to see the layer of dust on the table and I had to document that. I did clean the house last weekend and did plan do skip the cleaning today…


This got me laughing. On my screen and to the right you can see the former owner of the table has market her ownership.

Funny girl…


She may have the sweetest smile but she might have a strike of strong personality 🙂

Or – it could have been her brother trying to shift the blame…


Either way – my Fun & Done Mini Album is almost done…


I located every 6 x 6 page protector I had and I used the last one. I still have a few photos I want to add but Stacy showed us that here are other ways of adding them so I am okay.

I kept this clean and simple…


Not so much because I wanted to but because I had to. Almost unbelievable but I am out of stash and cute paper. This could have been a good thing if the online stores in Norway were offering something I like. But I just have to wait. Seems the only thing on trend these days are dies for cutting systems.

I went with neutral colors since most of the photos were colorful and I used stamps from Ali Edwards story kit stamps. The next step is journaling and I might want to alter the album.

Still three hours before my evening shift begin so I might to some windows cleaning after all 🙂



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