Wash your walls…

Hm…do I want to do that? I almost agree with the commenter saying: Why would anyone wash their wall if they aren`t going to paint? Because matte paint on drywall certainly aren`t meant to be cleaned. But one room I could do – the bedroom.

Cleaning the bedroom was on my todo-list for today anyway and if there is one room filled with dust after one week it is the bedroom…


So – bedroom cleaned. Painted concrete walls are so much easier to clean. The painted drywall will have to wait for me to get motivated 🙂

All the laundry is done and one batch of Granola in the oven…


I did not get much sleep last night. Just as I was getting ready for bed I was called back to work by the alarm company that monitors temperatures at work. Emptying freezers with fish products and vegetables are no nice task and all I could think was – what a shitty Friday 13 🙂

Now – ready for the Saturday evening shift. Thankfully a shorter shift. (I hope).



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