Real Life

Real life is a lot of hard work. Every day. Even more so this time of the year – the week before Easter. Being in charge of feeding the hungry before the Holiday Season can be a challenge. Coming in to work before daylight and have 25 pallets of groceries waiting for you can make you wish you were someplace else…


But, I change my shoes, put on the coffee and go to work. That is – if I can squeeze in between the pallets to reach the coffee machine…


Sometimes I don`t.

Easter is the Season I fear the most. For several reasons. I am always worried if we have enough or too much. Bread, milk, oranges and cream. Not enough is a disaster and too much we have to deal with when it`s all over.

There is no reason for my fears because we have stats from last year and Easter is always the same. Except the weather.

So – this was yesterday. Before going home today we could line up all the empty pallets…


…and the pallets filled with cardboard…


Tomorrow is another day filled with “not enough or too much”.

It is nice to come home and see strays of sunshine seeping into my craft room and know that I have paper and colors to play with…



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