Apartment Therapy Weekend Project

This Weekend: Get Your Grout Looking Like New

I am not so sure if I will use tiles at all in my next project. I am just saying. I never had any trouble With the grout in the old Kitchen. Just spray and wipe – clean and shiny. For some reason I thought I could add something to the grout making it easy to maintain. Not so. Now – what ever I do in the kitchen I am thinking: watch the grout 🙂

Coffee is my worst enemy…


Of course. I don`t like the coffee cold so half of it goes down the drain and I do make at least five pots a day. (At home). That is a lot of splashing. During the dark hours of winter I just don`t see those tiny spots and I don`t get to them in time to clean up before they dry and fester.

Today was a perfect day to attack with perfect daylight I could see them all…


In the end I had to dip a cotton swab in bleach to get the last stain.

So glad I finally got to do this.

With the Perfect daylight I also wiped down the rest of the kitchen…


I love the high luster kitchen cabinets but I am not so sure about those handles. They needs a lot of care to look good. An every day project 🙂


Always fingerprints.


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