Palm Sunday – March 29 2015

The weekend before Easter has special meaning for me. This weekend 26 years ago my mother came to bed and found my father unconscious. He died 6 weeks later – never being conscious again. He was 63 years old.


Palm Sunday 10 years ago my mother stop breathing in front of us. She was 73 years old.


She dies Palm Sunday March 20 2005. She was born March 29 1932 and buried March 29 2015.

I never remember their date of death but I always feel their present this weekend before Easter – the Palm weekend. Not with sadness but with love.



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1 Response to Palm Sunday – March 29 2015

  1. Michele says:

    I a sorry I did not meet your Father. I remember your Mother with such fondness. She was so very kind to me and I still have the many letters she wrote over our time knowing one another. I am so very sorry for all our loss….. She, as Leif did, continued to keep my Dad’s memory alive in Norge.

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