A Project for the future

…I have this place. My cabin in the woods…


…built in 1970 and renovated in 1999.


Right now I am thinking – maybe 2015 is a good year for an upgrade.


There is only one bedroom and it is small. There are absolutely no place for storage.

The bathroom is small but okay. Right now I wish there was a tub 🙂


Me – the lover of all white can`t wait to paint it all white 🙂


I want a new kitchen and I need a new chimney…


A new entrance and more space.

A project for the future but not so far future anymore.

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3 Responses to A Project for the future

  1. alexa says:

    How wonderful! You have made such a good job of where you are currently living, that i look forward to seeing al the changes you will make. Envying you that beautiful setting too.

  2. Mary-Lou says:

    What a beautiful home in the woods.

  3. Michele says:

    Did I get to visit this cabin with your Mother? A beauty….. Very peaceful. Have fun renovating!

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