The last day of Easter

I was up at 3 am. After spending the day on the sofa my back was killing me so no sleep at all. Feeling a little better today though.

Saturday was a good day for us all…


The little one had a blast hunting for Easter eggs and driving the tractor at his grandma`s farm…


He was a little scared of the cows but his aunt Malin took good care of him.

In Torbudalen they woke up to minus 14 C. Tor Magnus stayed inside with his mother. He has impetigo and wasn`t feeling that good…


Kristian was an early riser knowing that is was Easter Eggs for breakfast:) The princesses is fashionable late out of bed. Kristian got the largest trout out of the ice…



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1 Response to The last day of Easter

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Hope your back is better real soon – back pain is one of the worse, can’t get comfortable in any position.

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