Five days of Easter is over

Five days of Easter is over and now I know why we have the fifth day. The mass on Easter Day was important back in the days. To be sure the priests would make the round with horse and waggon or boat they needed one more day. Good for us 🙂

This has been one lazy Easter. I had no to do list so I don`t have to feel bad about doing nothing but I had hoped to avoid being sick for two days.

He is happy on his ride home to Trondheim…


After family dinner on Friday I got to measure how much space I have on the plot for expansion…


Now I get to do some planning. Although I will have to admit that I messed up the measures I did inside and ask for some help to do this all over again…


Of course – this is a good time for dreaming with no boundaries…


Later is more about money and limitations.

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1 Response to Five days of Easter is over

  1. alexa says:

    Beautiful pages … yes, dream now, realize later :).

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