Jumpstart April – Move More Eat Well

I have enjoyed today`s theme in #aprillove2015 – what nourishes me? So many beautiful photos and thoughts published on Facebook. I am so easy to nourish…


This is far more than I crave. I could live on bread and cheese or chocolate.

Wish I could say that nature or art nourished my soul but it don`t. As long as I`m fed and online I am a happy bird. Of course there are things I love but saying it nourished my soul would be a stretch. I guess I am a down to earth kind of girl.

About Food – I have been avoiding the weighing in on Mondays for more than a month. Since my appetite haven`t been so great these last days I gave it a try this morning…


Let`s just say that eating well, moving more or jumping hasn`t been high up on my list the last month 🙂 I think I landed on the weight just in time to save the situation. Why is it so hard to balance the weight. I do not want to weigh 52 kg but 54 would be perfect.

I loved reading Cathy Zielske`s blog today. She describe how so many women feel about their body. When is it good enough and what is perfect?

What is Perfect for me? I know. I feel good about myself when I move with ease and when I fit into the size I pick on the rack. Because I still pick the size I used 30 years ago. Never mind if that was 15 kilo ago. So if the jeans don`t fit I am in deep shit. If I don`t have to buy those jeans I go home and diet until they do fit. ( Sometimes that takes time).

So – back to jumping. 🙂

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1 Response to Jumpstart April – Move More Eat Well

  1. Michele says:

    You always make food that looks so appealing! Is a cooking program in your future?!!

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