Five years ago

2010 -2015. Some things are difference and some thing are the same…


Five years older and yes – there is something with the hair 🙂

I enjoyed looking through my Flickr album from 2010. The never-ending digging of a new road through the village went on and on. For the longest time it seemed like they was doing all the digging around the house I lived in…


There were moments of eating healthy and doing the right things…


And there were moments of reflections…



…lots of self reflection…


…and dreaming…



Just finished digging on the outside it was time to move around on the inside…


The entrance in my rental home wasn`t that nice 🙂 but was awesome to be creative with…


Having been here for five years I was feeling the itch to move on…


Maybe adding the eleventh address to the wall? Then again – where would I find such an awesome kitchen?


Of course – getting a new roof so I could stay dry during the storms was a good reason to stay on…


2010 was a creative year. Maybe I should try to recreate some of the fun?

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3 Responses to Five years ago

  1. Hi! Here from April Love group. Love this reflection of the years. Have a marvelous day!

  2. alexa says:

    You have a fantastic set of pages there, in a style I don’t normally associate with you – so interesting. And yes, fun sounds like a good idea!

  3. Cheryl Sampson-Dutro says:

    Also arrived from the April Love group. This is a great post full of reflection! Your layouts are fabulous!

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