Digital Scrapbooking

I am ready to start working on 2014. About six months later than planned but that is okay. I have been going a few rounds trying to decide on paper or digital and have landed on the last. I usually print way too many photos and the thought of working a whole year is daunting. So digi it is.

Then I spent a lot of time looking for templates. I love Cathy Zielske`s templates but her 12 x 12 templates always have a lot of space for journaling. I don`t have much journaling to add and they look odd without. Anna Aspnes also have a lot of nice templates but they need a lot of thought to be looking good. Seems like there is a dry spell in the digital offerings just like it is in the paper industry. So – I use what I have. You never know what you find in the files 🙂

January 2014…


2014 – another busy year for the tooth fairy.

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1 Response to Digital Scrapbooking

  1. alexa says:

    Lovely photos and layout – and I admire how you are willing to go back a year. I have enough trouble keeping up with this one! Looking forward to seeing how your digital pages unfold. (I love making templates so if you emailed me with what you needed … )

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