Current obsession

Hm…Obsessions – everything I do becomes an obsession so I have to pic carefully when I start something new:)

Right now?


Saw this on a Pinterest Board and I just had to try. No time to read instructions so messed up before I was done with this first one but I sure had fun. So – do I give in and buy the stuff I need to make it happen or do I let this one go before it becomes an obsession 🙂

Another obsession is memories keeping and scrapbooking. A ten-year long obsession that seems to stick.

January 2014…


I have to make a few pages about hiking every year. Other wise the next generation will think that grandpa was the one sitting in his seat at the kitchen table when ever he was home from work. But no – he is outside hiking at least once a week 🙂

January 2014 was all about baby Anton`s christening…


Three days before he is in training with the family`s papparazi photographers. The christening is thoroughly documented in Anton`s album and I already made a few pages for the family album so I can move on to February. Good thing.

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