February 2014 – summed up


They had som fun with grandpa. A new trumpet, a cheaper one, made it possible to actual make sound. (Not Music). Fun to play – not so fun to listen or wait for turn…


She had quality time with her grandma in the kitchen. They are waiting their turn for alone time with grandma in the kitchen...


The last weekend in February 2014 grandma packed her bag and flew out to visit her family…


It is a growing family. Seems to me there is a new baby every year. That is a good thing.



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3 Responses to February 2014 – summed up

  1. Michele says:

    I played a trumpet thru high school – also french horn, drums, and piano – still do the last a bit!!
    Hope that music (?) making continues – we all sound bad at first!! Ha Ha

    help me out here Elin – having a debate at Sons of Norway last nite – is bunad pronounced with the ‘d’ heard or silent? 🙂

  2. alexa says:

    Lovely round-up – I especially like your last one, with that great design…

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