Genetics or Environment

Often we want something more, something different and better for the young ones in the family. We want them to learn more, be more and have more. We do our best to influence, persuade or entice.

We want her to be a princess. She is just as happy dressed in her tool-belt or rolling in the dirt…



We wanted her to love music. We wanted her to play an instrument or use her lovely voice. She wants to walk in front of the band and swing a stick…


Us? We will be proud what ever she choose to do.

We just have to face that we can`t mess with genetics 🙂

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1 Response to Genetics or Environment

  1. Michele says:

    How right you are! AND the harder we try to steer children in a direction, the more they dig in!!
    I am happy to hear ElinMarie is such an assured young lady ready to take on the world!! We need more.

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