Apartment Therapy Weekend Project

This Weekend: Clean Out and Maximize Small, Existing Storage

I am still pretty organized around the house since I did the Style Cure in January, so no small project to start this weekend. I do have some bigger Project to start but spring is late and it is too cold to be working in the attic.

Reading the comments someone mentioned organizing their art studio and that could be a good idea for me too…


Hm…it is a mystery how I can work here but I do 🙂

The real challenge is to get going once the desk is clean and tidy…


I cleaned and organized in January so everything do have their place so this was a quick fix. Now I am gonna sit and look for inspiration to start something messy 🙂

Like playing with Gesso…


It is April 26 and it is wet and cold outside. Nothing to remind me about spring so creating a little spring feeling inside is a nice.

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3 Responses to Apartment Therapy Weekend Project

  1. alexa says:

    And very bright and cheering it is too. We, amazingly, have blue skies and sunshine and it’s strong enough to need sunscreen. Your desk looks beautifully neat – did it stay like that after the gesso?

  2. Michele says:

    My card making room in SD looks like your top pic, Elinjanne!! I, too, manage to create in all my ‘stuff’. Lovely Gesso work….have never used myself.

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