At the end of April

With my “One little Word” in mind…


I have to admit that there haven`t been much “Action” in April and I do feel a little bad about that. I have been distracted with some issues at work and I am easy to distract 🙂

I need to focus on what I sat out to achieve. Like eating healthy…


Not that I have been doing so bad but I have to admit there has been some awesome feasts with chocolate around here lately. I will do better in May. Starting today.

She came to visit here grandparents yesterday – on her bike, and she was rewarded with ice cream…


That was before they realized she was biking without her helmet and that her bike had no breaks. She was driven back home 🙂

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1 Response to At the end of April

  1. alexa says:

    That’s a lovely page – I like your delicate blending. Here’s to more success in May – though your bowl looks very inviting and healthy already.

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