April 2014

In April 2014 the little one in the family was 6 months and deleting photos from with a cute baby is not easy 🙂 Wish I had something to say beside cute baby…


…but of course photos of all the cuteness is also welcome 🙂

This baby has a professional mom…


She is educated to work in Kindergarten and she knows all the songs and all the games to play…


So much fun with this mom.

His love of picking up every little piece of dust from the floor is not a gene he inherited from his mom (or dad)…


While grandpa thinks it is his task to learn the young ones (and the old girls) in the family about all modern technology


Although he often fail with me:)

Outside my window this evening – the kids prepping for May 17…



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1 Response to April 2014

  1. Michele says:

    Hoorah for Syttende Mai! I will be celebrating Mother’s Day this year with our son and daughter-in-law visiting the beach during that weekend. The King is in Seattle after his visit to Alaska. Wish I was able to get up there!

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