When I was a little girl


I was surrounded by people who loved me. I was the spoiled child in an extended family who all lived in the same house. Where everyone was looking out for everyone and where there was food served both upstairs and downstairs. (All the time).
Mu mother was my highest protector. A mother hen with issues about letting the little chicken go out in the big world. To the left down the hill was no. Up the hill was yes. Very protective.
I was born into a time when prosperity increased  among us ordinary working people. As long as my father had work there was enough of everything.

What I see in the pictures is a little girl who was a little shy but who was very easy to charm. A little girl who loved the uncle who took the time to flirt with a little girl who called herself Elin Janne Rangøynes Lyngstad Doll. A little girl who lived in a little bubble with grandparents, mom, dad and brother.
In a bubble where everyone agreed and worked for the same thing – unity and progress. In bubble where concerns did not exist.
A little girl, in a small bubble where mom provided everything that was needed  while Dad was the big hero.
A little girl with a long and eventful nighttime ritualwhere Dad patiently accepted all the love and adoration that was needed to stall. Elin Janne 29th April 2015.


From digital to hybrid…


Ready for my album.

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2 Responses to When I was a little girl

  1. Michele says:

    What a lovely tribute to your family! Happy Birthday

  2. alexa says:

    That’s a very blessed family and childhood you had :). I love your hybrid page.

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