Then and now

So – 39 years later…


Have I changed in the 39 years that have passed?
I hope so but I’m not sure. Still the day dreamer. A good day-dream ensures energy and good sleep. I can still combine shyness and self-confidence. Putting myself in focus has never been a problem.Like then I get obsessive about things. I take more chances. Even if I have to go a few rounds with myself before I jump into it. Meanwhile, I can be impulsive and let og. Just like I could do as a young girl. I have never been concerned with what others think about me. Maybe even less now. My hair is still short and spiky but the color is new. Still – makeup and no jewelry.
I did not realize in 1976 that 2015 was just around the corner. If I knew –  perhaps I would have made other choices. Maybe. Maybe I would have lived my life more loud? Travelled even more? Taken more chances? Worked less? Partied even more? Drinking more beer? Skipped work sometimes? Saved more money? Spent more money?  Done more shopping?
If I got to do it over again, I would have taken a few more chances.
Bud 1 May 2015

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