Welcome May

May 1 – International Workers’ Day. A day market red in our calendar. I am guilty of staying home and enjoying the day off but at least I know why the day is celebrated. That can`t be said about the young students at the University in Oslo who said they didn`t see the need to mark the day any more or even worse – some didn`t know why we celebrated May 1.

Not that many flags spotted in Bud this morning…


Like the students we take things for granted in 2015. Our free education, free health care, economic cohesion, regulated working conditions, wages…but some day we might have to defend those rights again.

May 1  and New prompts in Ali Edwards “One little Word” class. Time to reflect on how we are doing with our word. I Guess it is time to face the fact – I could do better. I hope May will bring energy…


While the paint dry in the first layer I will grab a trash bag and move my butt upstairs to the attic…


This has been on my list since January. Okay – more like January 2014. I am down to the hard choices. Some stuff is hard to let go off…


…because some day I might need it.

I had hoped it would be too cold today but not so 🙂


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