(Inter)National Scrapbooking Day – part 2

Now the rest of the world is awake. Big Picture Classes is hosting Challenges in a class room that are free for members and not members – NSD at BPC. I have been up and scrapbooking since early morning 🙂

This one was a response to the first BPC Challenge – using lists. Took me ten minutes and is typical for those pages I don`t love that much:)


1) a moment of Madness 2) I was sure I was going to die 3) never again. Although I was very proud of doing this for the first time:)

The little one saying hey to grandpa`s monkey…


Here is the little one`s dad and his best friend…


Almost 30 years later…


These two boys was so cute growing up. Both of them on the short side With big eyes and cute smiles. I have no idea how they communicated because the rest of us had a hard time getting what they said. Our boy was a little less shy so he was in front asking for money or sweets. Behind him you could spy two big eyes begging silently for the same. While our boy is a first time father – Kim is a pro third time dad. Our boy married in 2012 – Kim is one month away from his big day. The both holding on to two blonds that both keeps them on a tight leash.



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