From nature’s abundance

Last year the hoarders in the family discovered Rams Onion…


…and then we had Rams Onion served with everything.

Last year they spent weekends looking for it. This year they knew what to look for and where to look…


Now – I wouldn`t trust them to telling the truth about where they find it because this is almost like hiding the whereabouts of the cloudberry fields.

The work isn`t done when you get home…


Maybe the older ones in the clan plan to be self supported when they retire?

Since I am doing Ali Edwards class Type I thought I would try to follow her lead when making this page. I prefer to use templates when I am doing hybrid pages. That is time-saving and so much easier to get a good-looking page. I am no design wizard. But since the class is smack full of tips on how to do things I thought I would follow along.

This week we have been focusing on working with longer journaling. I did plan for a longer story here because this reminded me so much about back in the eighties when our parents planted onions and it threatened to take over the lot 🙂 But – I lost focus and ended with a short and sweet spot of journaling…


Working hybrid. Creating the page in Elements. Printing the text before adding the photos.

I just have to find another story for the longer journaling 🙂



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