Happiness is

People compensates with appearance

Companies engaged in hairdressing and beauty turnover of nine billion in 2013, according to figures from Statistics Norway. There is a growth of 30 percent since 2007.

This is from today`s News in Norway. I did not contribute much to those billions.

The headlines in the paper was famous people`s advice on how to achieve happiness in life.

Also from this week`s news – Over the last five years there have been 50 percent more disability among people under 35 years in Norway.

So happiness is…


…happiness is celebrating the basic things in life. A home, food and work. Family. Some needs friends others not. I am happy to wake up in the morning knowing I can walk to a job I love. I would love to have more money but I am happy about being employed and having enough. I am happy to call this village my home. I am happy to know that I have a hobby that allows me to send a message to the future about how we lived our lives.

I don`t wish I was young again and be able to do it all over again because I don`t think I would have been able to live a happy life with the demands we put on those young shoulders.

Happiness is many things. For me it is a simple life. Other highlights is more like the spice of life and is not what I associate with happiness.

I am also happy to do Ali Edwards class – Type. So this layout has changed type, type-size and headlines many times 🙂 This is not how I work usually I use the one font I like and don`t give a shit about what font can marry another font. But I do try to learn 🙂

Just like I felt something was odd about this page and did some changes after I had finished…


Sometimes less is more 🙂

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  1. Michele says:

    Beautifully spoken…….

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