This week I learned

This week I learned a few things about conflicts…


I learned that conflicts can escalate. I learned that it is testing to ask the questions without getting answers. I learned that it is tough to live with a temper. I learned that conflicts can be inherited. I learned that sharing can be frustrating. I learned that saying nothing might the wrong attitude. I learned that saying too much might be worse. All in all – this has been an educating week.

Other wise the week has been good. Sunday even better. Doing absolutely nothing suits me fine today. Resting up before the next three busy days at work. This is one of those Sundays I really should go in and do some extra work but I am not. Three days of work and then one more long weekend. I am so lucky this May.



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1 Response to This week I learned

  1. Michele says:

    Yes, surely I agree. Conflict can be tough. When you speak of a temper, maybe now I can think any temper I display may derive from BOTH sides of my family! HA Ha. I surely know my Mother’s side; now my Dad’s side, too? Possibly??? Ah, well….I guess I do not display much of a temper anymore…. We celebrate Mother’s Day today…… Much snow in the Black Hills……not at the beach tho of the Washington State coast! Thinking of your Mom as well today with so much fondness

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