List Your life – a list of Things I love to do

Today – a list of things I love to do…


I had no idea there were so many things I loved to do 🙂 I could have kept writing.

Okay – so maybe eating cake and chocolate shouldn`t be on a list like this but in order to keep things honest I added that one thing. And I can see that I have several definitions of Scrapbooking – again honest.

My mother had several friends she talked to on the phone. Some of them every day. She did not understand how they could say they were bored and lonely. She was never bored and she never felt lonely. She enjoyed her own company and she was always busy doing something. Often sitting down doing nothing. I guess I learned this from her – having a good time doing nothing. Enjoying having time to do what ever I want to and if that is nothing – that`s okay.

I love watching or more likely listening to English-speaking tv-series. Give me the White House and an American President and I am lost. Kennedy, West Wing and House of Cards. Anything involving the White House. Weird – I know, because I do not want a president for Norway. No thanks.

I love the business at work. I prefer to have too much to do. But when I open the front door to my home I love to go slow. So happy about the nine hours of totally freedom to do what ever I want. That`s life for a day dreamer like me.

I love reading. I love journaling. I love crocheting. I love Angry Birds. I love online classes. I love online challenges. I love photographing. I love art journaling. I love drinking Cold beer under the palms.

And believe it or not I like to be outside. (I just need a few days to practice before I can enjoy it).

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