Welcome long weekend – again

Four mornings with no wake up calls. What more could I wish for?



This happy bunch made my day – the kids practicing for the May 17 parade.

Receiving 75 scrapbook layouts from http://www.persnicketyprints.com/


I have used ScrappingSimply.com for a long time and have been happy with them but there is so much trouble with my international order so I decided to try Persnickety this time. Not much difference. Quality, prize and shipping are the same. But – Persnickety is easier for international customers.

All 75 pages sorted and added to albums…


A little Granola and fresh berries and I am ready for an early night…


And now – four days with no plans. That is the best plan 🙂


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1 Response to Welcome long weekend – again

  1. katell says:

    beautiful layouts printed! I love your view too 😉 (and blue sky!)

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