Getting ready for May 17

It has been a nice but cold and windy day. Spring seems to be late this year. Nothing like May 2009…


Personally I don`t have “Bunad” so I have no shirt to iron this weekend but many do…


There are shirts to be ironed and silver to be polished and some have put on weight and has to come up with som good ideas to make it work.

And lets face it – getting dressed for the celebration of May 17 can be a challenge…


…so maybe I`m okay without “Bunad” 🙂

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1 Response to Getting ready for May 17

  1. Michele says:

    Loved seeing the pictures of Syttende Mai! My bunad is in the cedar chest in South Dakots this year. It looks much the same as those with the beautiful woven apron except my top is the brocade green with silver ribbon, navy blue skirt…… I was so very proud to order it made just for me by a lady living in Wisconsin. It was the first she had ever made from the More Romsdal area. She traveled to Norway yearly, purchased the fabric, translated the pattern into English for the ladies who worked for her… took over a year before I received it in the mail, fitting perfectly. Amazing! I always think so fondly of ‘my Norwegian family’ when I wear it. Hurrah for Syttende Mai! Enjoy the day.

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