Welcome June

Outside my window – pouring rain and stormy weather. Not much summer. Perfect weather for me to keep working on my digital files. I had everything under control until I opened the file my brother sent me from August 2014 that had been in hiding somewhere with 1000 files. I am not complaining – I love to work with photos of a little cutie called Anton.

I had the three musketeers on sleepover this weekend. There is a reason they haven`t spent the night before. I am not to be trusted with things like that because I‘m easily persuaded when it comes to food, brushing of teeth and bedtimes.

They knew how to use this knowledge. At bedtime they suddenly deceided they wanted to take a look in their albums…


They had so much fun seeing them for the first time but the little one was a little quiet without me realizing why unntil his big sister said: Where is Tor Magnus`s album? I was sure he had one but he didn`t. Thankfully I did have an album just started for him but I am not sure he was totally happy with that.

There is a reason why he don`t have one. I started a 8.5 x 11 album for his sister and brother but when he was born I switched to 12 x 12. Later I organized all my albums chronologicalexcept their 8.5 x 11 albums. So all his pages are now in the Family albums.

That is okay. I have photos and I have stories and I will make sure he has an album…


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