Bud Museum

Last weekend I took the boys to visit Bud Museum…


They are not so easy to line up for photographing anymore I guess it is that age πŸ™‚

This is a Fort with bunkers from World War II built by the Germans and I was sure the boys would like going down there…


The oldest one not so happy about tight spaces but he was doing okay and was all exited and full of knowledge. He knew all about the weapons…


No need for a guid. He was so busy taking pictures with his phone that it was hard for me to get him in the frame…


I hope his dad took the time to see his pics because he was taking them all for his dad.

I was more uncertain to take them inside the museum. Boys and museums? Funny – I had a hard time getting them out from here…


Above and under the surface of the water and it was all interactive so of course the boys loved this. If there is a button to push they are in πŸ™‚

Not so sure what the pig is for…


…because I did not get the button pushing.


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1 Response to Bud Museum

  1. Michele says:

    You took me to Bud a l o n g time ago before there was such a cool museum! Very nice

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