A weekend with BMW

I have no idea how it is possible to welcome more than 500 cars and a lot more than 2000 people to this small village but it is. More than 500 cars signed up to take the drive to The Atlantic Road…


It took 30 min to get everyone on the road…


I was standing outside watching as they drove by and one of the cars had a boy and two girls sitting in the windows with a mobile and one of these sticks used for selphis. I was smiling, thinking –  wow, I miss being young. They were smiling back at me and showing me a sign saying: YOU WISH YOU WERE HERE! So true 🙂


They wasn`t supposed to use our parking lot, but as the village emptied so did our parking lot. Later in the evening there was a dance down at the harbor. I was a sleep long before the dance started.

It has been such a joy to meet all these nice young men and women. (Most of them very young). Polite and cheerful young people, and we look forward to meeting them again next year.

Even though it has been a fun weekend I can feel that this has been the seventh day at work this week and I need to take an early night. It must be age…

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1 Response to A weekend with BMW

  1. alexa says:

    What an unusual event! Glad it was largely positive. And great to see sunshine and blue skies!

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