Downloading classes from Big Picture Classes

I had forgotten all about this since the deadline was pushed forward and I wasn`t sure if I wanted to download any classes at all. Most of them was supposed to be moved to the new BPC. Now I am not so sure if I trust BPC on keeping their promise and I am considering downloading all my classes.

The classes that won`t be moved over and I want to keep is now home with me…


Sometimes I like to log in to one of my classes to be inspired. It is not so much the actual content of the class but more about me and what inspires me.

While downloading I made two pages for Tor Magnus`s album…


He does have a baby album so this is more like opening pages for his albums…


A few baby pages before I move into the more fun toddler age 🙂

Seems I have some time this week so I will consider downloading some of the classes BPC say they will add to my new BPC account. Right now the trust is low.


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1 Response to Downloading classes from Big Picture Classes

  1. alexa says:

    Gosh, that’s a lot of classes … yes, it’s hard to be sure these days if what is on offer is going to hold true. I like your pages very much – the golden stripes and spots in the first is an especially attractive combination.

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