What to do in bad weather

I woke up early. The birds are back nesting in the vent in the bathroom and it sounds like they are inside the apartment. Usually I am at work when the noise is unbearable so it`s okay. (Mostly). The young ones spent Friday night at a Mark Knopfler concert in Trondheim… 18758931645_a14fc9c823_b Mark Knopfler don`t have much hair and the same goes for his audience but he knows how to work his guitar. A cold and wet affair. This is the mother in law from hell… 18758927125_22583bdf39_b Always needs something to do. My advice is like before: Leave a not on the table with things you need done. Go to bed, sleep in and enjoy her hard work. I spent yesterday scrapbooking. Found this cute photo of baby Anton I wanted to scrapbook… 18572823259_00d5f89da5_b In the end I hang it on the wall… 18138257553_cb38b9d323_b This one ended in the princess`s album… 18571220680_0b4415e833_b I remember being ten and I guess this represent a change from the princess title to a young girl. The golden years. May they be happy years. So much pressure on Young girls today. Are they really allowed to be girls? I woke up to strays of sunshine before the rain. Now it may look like it might clear up. I hope so. There is two weddings in the village today and a little sunshine would be Nice. Me? I am going to enjoy the Royal wedding in Sweden. Love Royal weddings 🙂

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