Some make it – some don`t

The Seagulls nesting out on my roof has a rough time this year. After three weeks of nesting it was all over. I guess the evil force was a crow. One week of mourning with a LOT of noise and they were at it again…


…with no result. Yet. One part of me is a little sad for them and the other part is screaming: GO CROW!

Some make it…


So far this summer it has been a problem with the cold weather breeding less insect. Not enough insects to feed the baby birds. Lots of dead baby birds.

A little closer to home – scrapbooking…


One more page for Tor Magnus`s album.

And yes – I did nap after dinner today so I may make one or two more pages 🙂


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2 Responses to Some make it – some don`t

  1. Paula says:

    We feed the birds with insects, highly recommended!
    (the parent-birds pass the worms to their newly born birds in the nest)

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