Summer seasons

They change and thanks to my blog I have a library of dated photos to remember them by.

In July 2008…


The adventure of “Wreck This Journal”. This was a challenge for me. Doing all these crazy challenges and feeling stupid about doing them. Like adding your address and stamps and mailing the book to yourself. At least I could do the mailing myself. I wonder what the postal service thought about this. Yes – I do live in a small place 🙂

In July 2009…


I was unravelling with Susannah Conway. Also a challenge. It was fun but I didn`t always understand what we were supposed to unravel. I guess I am a practical girl at heart.

In July 2010…


A hot month of July. The machines at work needed cooling every day. I hardly could leave home because I had to watch out for overheating. Of course this inspired my imagination…


In July 2011…


A shimelle class inspired self portraits and some digital art journaling…


In July 2012…


It was raining both outside and inside…


In July 2013…


Lots of inspired scrapbooking. I had this perfect work station and was so inspired all month-long. Must have been Stacy Julian who inspired me in her “Twelve Class” at Big Picture Scrapbooking.

In July 2014…


I took a break from blogging. I knew at the beginning of June that this summer would be a “Working seven days a week” kind of summer so I just stopped blogging. But – I did a lot of scrapbooking.

I knew it would be difficult to come back from a long break but I did not know how hard it would be and I did not get back before October.

Don`t ask about my July in 2007 because I have no memory about it at all. For me that is a very good reason to keep blogging my every day life, the challenges and the good stuff. Even though I don`t tell it all I have the framework of my life to spark the memory by.





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