Slow TV

Our National broadcaster NRK invented slow TV a few years back. They have given us hours of traveling along the coast, hours of travelling on the Railway, hours of knitting, hours of hymns and what else. For some reason this engages people. Every summer NRK has a summer show every evening and for the last two years they have been traveling along the coast in a boat. From 6 am we can follow the boat sailing from one harbor to the next. This morning the boat was coming our way. From Hitra outside Trondheim to Molde. 8,5 hours.


Our small village seen from the ocean. Hustadvika.

Not so much happening just the silence of boat at sea during those early morning hours. A little talk about where we are and so on but mostly silence.

In Bud we know how to come in focus. We have done this before. Kind of hard to get from A to B without passing us…


And we are good to welcome the boat even in cold and windy weather…


If you want to be on TV you have to get creative…


Me? I stayed home and enjoyed the trip in my comfy home.  I almost made it to the screen. If you can imagine me hiding behind the windows…


…perhaps not the same as being outside to welcome the boat…


But it is cold outside and I am lazy…


And as we send the boat off to Molde I am getting ready to og in to work the evening shift. This is my long weekend off from work but at least I get to work the evening shift and I find that comforting 🙂



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