Apartment Therapy Weekend Project

This weekend – This Weekend: Liven Up Your Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor Living Space? Not that I have much of an outdoor living space and not that I am in need of one. The temperature this summer has hardly past 13C. I love to have my coffee outside  but not this summer. Still dealing with the weeds seemed like a good idea this morning…


Not my favorite thing to do this weekend morning but lets…



I lost interest in keeping up with flowers when the slugs invaded but getting the weeds out is a part of the fight against them. They are lurking in the shadows just waiting to multiply…


This one is not multiplying this year.

Every year I remove one type of weed with the root and all just to discover another type of weed invading me the next year. I don`t get this but this year`s weed is easy to up-root…






Don`t be fooled by the sun – I am still wearing wool socks…


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