From generation to generation

My grandparents got the deed to the small family farm from my great grandparents. My parents got the deed to the farm in 1956…


There was no money involved in this transaction but my grandparents reserved the right to…

A liter of milk every day. Potatoes. Firewood brought in. Three rooms in the new house. Free care in case of illness and old age.

My mother more than fulfilled these requirements.

In 1996 my mother transferred the deed to my brother and his wife…


My mother retained the right to live in the house as long as she needed, and the right to go around the house. We thought it was funny but the highly respected man who gave her advice said there was no guarantee that she was allowed to walk freely around the property.

My father died in 1989 and it was a natural thing to do this some time after his death. But things take time in my family. My brother never lets me forget that it was all my fault. And yes – I did have some resistance about this. It was 1990 and I just didn`t get why my sister in law`s name should be on that deed. It was my brother`s heritage. If he wanted to share he could do so later.

My much wiser mother let the time pass for me to understand and everyone was happy and reconciled in 1996. A new generation was settled…


In 2010 my oldest nephew acknowledge that he wants to be the next  generation living here…


I was happy about that and this time I was perfectly okay with him taking over the deed with his wife 🙂

Then again – things take time in my family. But this time around it is not my fault. I hope.

Right now ( like this evening) they are trying to come up with something clever to add to this deed. If they had asked me I would have added a claim on potatoes. They are not cheap in 2015. Hopefully this summer will be the summer the boy and his wife can have their deed.

Anton is back from travelling and is happy to help grandma and grandpa build their new home…


Like his dad and me – we are not involved in this generation shit. And like his dad and me he should be happy about that 🙂







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